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New baby: Thanks to PSA friends

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Dork No More!
Nov 26, 2001
I'm proud to announce the birth of my third child, a girl (yet to be named), at 11:15pm Friday the 18th.

I was in Tri-Cities on an overnight when my wife went into labor. There were no more flights out so I had to just wait. I flew my planned flight to PIT on Friday morning. We arrived early, with a flight to my home in Akron departing in four minutes. My captain called Ops and explained my situation and the gate agent held the flight for me, even though the door had been closed.

"Thanks" goes out to the crew for taking me and getting me home quickly. It was the big morning push at PIT, but the crew requested priority from ATC on my behalf and we cut to the front of the line for take-off. And an immediate "cleard direct CAK" got me to the hospital by 10:15am.

Thirteen long hours later, our family increased by 25%.

I am glad that you were able to make it home in time. Enjoy your daughter, I hope that your were able to get a few days off to be at home with your new family.

See you on the Range Cowboy!

Smoking Man
Congrats man. Enjoy your new addition for a few days.

Just be glad you weren't in PHL. ATC wouldn't have cared or gave a **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**.

Kudo's to the PIT controllers.
Congrats! My Wife and I just discovered that we are expecting our first. Its good to hear that crew scheduling worked with you so well. Hopefully I'll get as lucky! Now if the contract is just half way decent.
Speaking as a future (hopefully) PSA pilot, may I say "well done" to Dork Prop, and good luck to CAK@4000. Remember to take the folic acid.


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