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New Airline

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Yes, some people I worked with at Lakes are now there. I have on contact info unfortunately and they don't have a website (at least one that I can find). They fly doinkers apparently.
I just visited their website and apparently they serve krispy kreme donuts and fresh fruit on the morning flights, and Subway sandwiches on the afternoon and evening flights! Thats reason enough for me to fly them!! No more nasty chicken or beef with strange sauce to mask the month old flavor.

I wonder why more airlines don't serve this type of stuff. Seems to me they could save money (because of advertising) and get better food.

Anyway, that was off topic so I apologize.

Can you say "Fat A$$"

Sorry, couldn't work there...Krispy creams on every morning flight?! I would start affecting CG after a month!
Their planes were sporting an Ozark paint job a couple years ago. I don't know if they renamed themselves or if someone bought them.

Ozark was based out of COU, which is now a maintenance base for Great Plains.
great plains

I have recently been hired at Great Plains.Formerly ozark.We are moving all ops to Tulsa.I beleive you can apply online.We currently have 3 planes with plans for several more.I would be persistant.

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