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New Airbus A390

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Sep 22, 2005
Airbus to Build Seven Story Airliner

Passengers will have choice of restaurants, theatres and bowling.

TOULOUSE, FRANCE -- With delivery of its first 555 passenger double-deck commercial airliner expected to take place next year, Airbus announced today that it has initiated preliminary studies for the design and manufacture a 2600 passenger airplane.</P>
The aircraft on the drawing board will have ten decks - seven for passengers, three for cargo and baggage. A prototype of the new aircraft, based on the company's Super Transporter design, will be called the "Airbus A390."

The plane is targeted for international service of flights of over 9,000 nautical miles (about 16,600 kilometers). The A390 will be powered by four Rolls-Royce turbofan engines developing thrust of over 200,000lb each. According to a company spokesman, Jean-Claude Randele, "The break-even point for operating the airplane will be at a passenger load of about 1760 passengers."

Mr. Randele also noted, "Flights in the 9,000 miles-plus range are expected to take 16 hours or longer so the A390 will include lots of amenities to help the passengers pass the time."

Among the features proposed for the future aircraft are six restaurants, three duty free shops, a lounge with a discothhque, two full sized movie theatres, a 14 lane bowling alley, a swimming pool with water slides, a wedding chapel, a fully functional medical clinic, and a full 18 hole putt-putt golf course.

Mr. Randele said that two major international carriers have already placed orders and that the new jets are scheduled to begin service in late summer 2008.

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Oh please! They're barely scraping by getting the A380 into service, and there are still many issues left to sort out. After that nightmare, there going to try a 10-level airplane? Talk about weight and design issues!

I question the validity of that story!
You guys should lighten up and read the onion from time to time.. will help to recognize funny spoof stories & fake press releases.

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