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new AA pilot layoffs

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...recognize this?
Mar 31, 2002
USA today reports 550 pilots to be laidoff, Dallas Morning News states 1,000. granted, to be done in conjunction with retirements and such, but 1,000 or 550, thats alot of guys on the street. how many pilts does AA have anyways?
AA has about 13,200 active pilots plus about 700 furloughed pilots. There will be an additional 550 new furloughes and an additional 450 early-out retirements offered. Net loss of 1,000 pilot jobs by March 03 and a total of about 1,250 furloughed pilots. All furloughes now are former TWA pilots.

I am the meat in the new furlough sandwich. Hired in early 1997 and 300 from the bottom. Doh........(It has two meanings!)
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dang rd...

i have a few buddies that got caught up in it too. needless to say all but one has resigned their number and moved on; two went to ACA and one to ASA, the other is still holding out hope :(

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