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Well-known member
Apr 12, 2002
For you guys getting interviews and class dates at Netjets, when did you get your original letters stating you would be getting an interview.
time line

Sent in an app. over a year ago, got a postcard 7 months ago saying , dont call us, we'll call you......... and finally interviewed last month.
My timeline:

Stuck on the road 9/11 in BWI with USAirways...knew career was screwed.

Got home and sent NetJets online resume 9/17

Got app 1 month later...sent in last week of October

Got furloughed 12/2/01

Got called second week of January by HR to set up interview for late March. I asked to be called if anyone cancelled their interview.

Got called the next morning at 8am asking me to be in Atlanta the following week

Interviewed 1/18

Got job offer 1/23

In class 2/3/02

I had several senior buds pulling for me on the inside and seemed to beat the rush by sending stuff in in September. Never looked back...

Good luck.
anybody else get a letter like "Trooper" did --

...after careful consideration we've decided not to offer you an interview at this time...

Whats up with that action? Sounds like somebody is skimming the pool !
I faxed/mailed resume' and cover letter in December of '01.
Recieved an app two weeks later.
Mailed app and LOR mid-Jan.
Recieved the OK to interview letter two weeks later.
Was called in mid-june for mid-July interview.
Called two weeks later with job offer.
Start CE650 training Monday.
Good Luck!
I too got "the interview letter" back in Dec. Just did an update last week.

Hoping for a call for an interview SOON.

Does anyone know what the hiring and classes look like for the remainder of 2002?

Also, is calling to "follow up" on the update acceptable or is that a no-no.

Thanks and good luck to you new hires!

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