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Netjets Training

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Jun 2, 2004
Does Anybody know training pay and if the hotel is single or double occ?

Thanks again guys.

Your on full pay and bennies from day one. Per diem too.
Company will fly you to from all training events and hotel is always single occupancy. You will also have a rental car to share with up to four of your newest closest buddies!

NJA will cost you nothing from the day you start.

Not bad eh?

Oh ya, uniforms are free...plus you get 200 bucks to spend in your first year on the uniform website to keep yourself looking sharp...but wait, theres more...every year there after, you get 400 bucks/yr for uniforms. And we still have guys wearing worn out uniforms and ties that look like biology experiments!

Also, You can ask for a one time advance of 200 dollars as a new FO to be repaid when you quit, retire, get fired or drop dead!
Double occupancy at a pretty nasty old Best Western. Pay during initial is $150 every two weeks.

Just kidding! Rooms are single occupancy and usually at an Embassy Suites for new-hires. (Good Greek food and other distractions nearby - do a search on this forum.) As for pay, you are paid from day one of training. See http://www.ibt1108.org, then click on "NJA pilots" and then select "Info for New Hires". The section on pay is Section 27 and you'll be on the so-called "reserve" schedule at least until you're released for IOE and can bid to the other schedule if you wish. You'll also get per diem during training, too.

And if you're curious, there are no more training contracts at NJA.
21st Great!

Thats the day we get our bonuses! Good luck!

You will have your own room. But the 24 hour porn channel is on your dime.

Make sure you go to the union meeting. Lots of good information, and you meet alot of your fellow pilots.

Good luck to you all.
7&7 FO pay is $39,000, Reserve pay is $46,286. You will be on the reserve schedule during training, and probably after.

Per diem is $1.70/hr = $40.80/day, provided you're not CMH domiciled.

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