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NetJets re-interview

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Nov 28, 2001
I was wondering if any of you Netjets guys got turned down once before getting hired. I got the dreaded letter after 2 and half weeks of biting my finger nails but it doesn't mention anything about the possibility of applying again. I know Netjets is a good company to work for and I think I'd do well there if given the opportunity. Not sure why they turned me down though!:(

Should I write them a letter?
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I spoke with a program manager about this a month ago. The official
Netjets policy has always been that you can re-apply after six months. As
far as we both had heard, that policy has not changed.

Sorry it didn't work out, I'd give it another shot .
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Thanks for the response, Sweptwingz.
In the meantime I'll have to go to plans B,C and D...
Good attitude!

BigFlyer, if it makes you feel any better, I know several pilots here
that were downchecked on their first interview and came back to
try it again. They were all hired. One of the interviewers told me that
the company looks very favorably on pilots who re-apply.
For what it's worth:

I've know two people who have been turned down, didn't give up hope, re-applied and were hired 6-months later (almost to the day).

Best of luck in your endevors.

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