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Netjets New Hire...glad to be here

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Well-known member
Dec 18, 2001
Just got the call today. New hire Excel, start sim next week. Glad to be here, it's been a long bumpy road. Any Excel guys...what's the quality of life, etc. on this plane? What can I expect? I understand it vaires from fleet to fleet. For those patiently waiting...here are my dates :
Sent Resume September, 01.
Rec've App and sent back in October 01
Got card saying: You're qualified, have patience" , Feb, 02
Interviewed August, called two weeks later offered class.
Welcome aboard!

The Excel is a great airplane. It's simple and straight forward.

The quality of life is probably one of the best in the company. The program itself is very well run and the program manager is very respected among the pilots. Your trips will vary from 2-6 legs per day and lengths from .2 to 3.5. The airplane gets around to all parts of the country.

You'll have fun. When do you go to CMH? I'll be there Monday night.

NJA Capt
The Excel looks like an excellent airplane-I have eyed the bids for it a few times myself. I have also heard great things about the PM and his management of the Excel Fleet.

Fly Safe

You will enjoy working at Netjets!!! The Excel is an awsome program and airplane!

Flex, Congrats on getting in with NJA...I am also trying every week to get on with them. I'm considering an unannounced visit to cmh. Do you think it will help, or hinder?...any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated...Good luck!!

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