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NetJets Middle East - National Air Svc.

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Nov 26, 2001
Several days ago someone was looking for information on NetJets Middle East. I don't think it was ever answered, so if he/she is still around, heres what I have found:

National Air Service
PO Box 20402
Jeddah 21455 Saudi Arabia

Fax: +9662 657 4155

They posted an ad looking for BBJ crews on climbto350.com. I assume their looking for other a/c crews as well.

Again, I hope who ever was looking for the information is still out here.


Above address should be good. DO's name is Roger Church, great guy. lot of experience in that region of the world. Last I heard they were working (G-4 and Falcon guys) 35 on 30 off, live anywhere in the world ya want. $100 day perdiem. Falcon Capt approx $90,000 yr. Business seems to be picking up over there.

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