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NetJets June 1st & 2nd Interview

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Someone just cancelled and I got their spot for June 1 & 2.
Got any good inside info?
When did you put your application in? I got the letter saying that I was on the list in Early Dec. and I'm still waiting for a call.
NastyGirl : check you private messages


Jan: sent resume
Fed: called many times, but it seemed usless to call
Mar: recieved and returned completed application
Apr: attended Air-Inc - spoke with EJA rep
Late april: sent letter and updated resume with 4th type
First week in May: recieved call for interview

Never recieved any letter other than an application

All corporate background
a few letters - only one from an EJA captain, one from a well known Fortun 500 passenger, and others from former employers.
typed in the HS125 and CE500, (and a Falcon not in the EJA fleet)

I just spoke to Derinda, she said they are still working on the Nov. and Dec. packets.
I have submitted the resume in Jan., apps in Feb and received the letter in Mar.
Two senior EJA CA LOR's.
Fingers are crossed.
Sent my stuff in Dec. and did everything like "RWS", lots of LOR and I have FAR 135/121 experience, lots of hours and a Beechjet Type Rating. They'll call you when their ready.
I got called last week and they told me that I was now on the short call list??? I guess if someone cancels the interview they go through the list to find somone to fill in. Does anyone have any idea how this works?
Just a guess, but i think they take all the guys/gals that they want to inteview soon, but since all the slots are filled, they put you on the short call list.

If someone bails on an interview, or maybe no shows, then they take the short call list, and start from the top and start calling. Whoever says "yes, i can leave right now and be there" will get that slot.

Just my educated guess, still havent figured out how they make their decisions in cmh...i just wait for them to call me.

I think the short list is somewhere near the big picture?

Of course I don't know what the big picture is so I'm sure I can only give a guess.

I think 1900 is right the short list is for those that bail on the interview.

i'm not sure if it's by region or area or something like that.

Good luck though.
Oh yeah, i forgot....the big picture. Thats why i dont understand...im just the "airborne customer service representative".

I should change my name from 1900cpt to bullpen:p


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