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Netjets interview

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charley varrick

Last of the independents
Nov 26, 2001
Greetings all,

My wife received an exciting phone call yesterday, and I got to leave a voice-mail with Derinda accepting an interview on 16 and 17 September in Houston. Needless to say, I am ebullient.

What follows is an obligatory dumb ? (I have culled the archive, but, admittedly, only to page three):

Since I didn't get to speak with Derinda directly, I don't know if they mail me a packet of stuff with tickets, hotel options, etc. I don't want to wait to the last minute and then realize that I should've had something. Is this something I should expect to receive in relatively short order?

For those interested in stats:
4000 TT
1800 PIC
2800 Turbine
App mailed Oct 2001
Update mailed June 2002
Bag full of luck

charley varrick

P.S. any bored, single Netjets pilot wanna be my PM buddy?
NetJet Interview info

Great to hear you got the call...

I just interviewed in August and suggest you call Derinda and get the phone number to the travel department that will handle your travel arrangements. She will send you a packet with what you need to bring to the interview as well as the sim profile. Also, she will send you two emails...one with the link to the personality profile and the other that serves as a re-cap to the phone call giving you the interview.

I suggest you check out aviationinterviews.com and see the NetJet interview info. Basically, know the FAR/AIM parts 91, 135, 121 sections relating to aircrew and alternate/filing requirements. Also, have some good answers to why you want to work at NetJets and any questions about your background and how it would apply to the NetJet concept. Overall, I had a great experience at the sim and interview. The captains were very professional and asked very fair questions. FlightSafety Houston did a really good job giving as much help as they can with the sim check.

Best of luck,

the riddler

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