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NetJets interview progress

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Not stop loss again !!
May 9, 2002
Time to ask once again -- anyone with any good info on how things are progressing in the interview area at NetJets? I received my "letter" in April telling me to hang on, so I guess I'm lucky just to be in the pool. Not sure how many are treading water above me -- just wondering how long I'll be holding my breath!

Another question : 20.5 years on Uncle Sams payroll ends 1 December -- should I be worried about staying current if no one calls me any time soon?

In the meantime the family and I are going to see the good ole USA from the comfort of our RV -- I hope someone calls with a job offer so I can afford the gas!!
Herc, I responded to your last post with the same question.

What you need to do:

1. Update your packet with a "I still want to work for you" letter.

2. If you don't have any internal LORs, beg, borrow, or steal as
many as you can get. If you have internal LORs, have a
Netjets bud gently "rattle the cage" for your application.

3. It is important that you stay current in some type of aircraft,
the more complex, the better.

Good luck.

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