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NetJets Europe CEO resigns // office workforce reductions

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Mike, (if that's your name),

Why would this be a bad thing? It says you guys have never made any money over there!

Isn't it time to "pass the ball"?
Unless he edited his original post, it doesn't look like he is saying anything about it being good or bad- just passing on info. His posts that I remember have been more fact based than opinion based. I got an email from the company last week that said something about NJE cutting 15 percent of it's overall workforce and about 6 percent of it's pilots (I might have the numbers reversed). It didn't say if any of it was including the voluntary measures or not. The way they are cleaning house in the US operations I fully expect to see NJE management lose a lot more than just the CEO. I do agree that it is probably time to "pass the ball".
<<<< Mike, (if that's your name), >>>>

Unless someone, somewhere, has copied my name & wants to post about my employer, then I think I'm probably the correct person, with the right nomenclature (& profile) - I can provide historical genealogical data back to the late 1400's if that would help establish my identity....... :p

Office layoffs - cached link (original link no longer valid) - text below as I'm not sure if the cache will work with all browsers:

NetJets Europe cuts workforce as recession tightens its grip
By Kate Sarsfield

NetJets Europe has been forced to cut 6% of its workforce - around 100 employees - as a result of the global economic downturn that continues to hammer its fractional and charter card businesses.
The move comes five months after Europe's only fractional ownership company introduced a number of voluntary redundancy programmes for its pilots in an effort slash 60,000 excess duty hours from its roster - equivalent to 300 full-time pilots. NetJets' US-based sister company last month slashed 5% of its workforce - around 300 jobs - as part of a reorganisation effort initiated by its new chief executive David Sokol.
This latest round of cuts at NetJets Europe are focused on the operations centre in Lisbon that has been hit hard by the drop in hours flown by NetJets customers over the past 12 months.
"Due to the nature of the jobs here, these cuts will be compulsory," says the Berkshire Hathaway-owned company, adding that "affected staff were offered an exit package that is more than double Portuguese legal requirements".
NetJets Europe's chief operating office Robert Dranitzke says: "Due to the severe and sustained nature of the global economic downturn we have taken difficult but necessary action to align our business with market demand. We remain focused on providing our owners with the highest levels of safety and customer service."

I guess that some of the media articles are inaccurate (what a surprise!); as crew, for the last 2 (or was it 3?) yrs, we have been paid a profit-sharing bonus for (surprise, surprise!), being in profit.

We lost about 100+ people from our offices in Lisbon, may of them long-standing employees of up to 10 years with NJE (i.e. right from the start). A huge loss of invaluable experience & many devoted people who worked at their job with a passion.

As with the resignation of NJA's CEO, the resignation of ours came as a big surprise.
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Thanks for the info. How have pilots been impacted at NJE? I had read something about job sharing. Have any pilots actually been furloughed/fired?

Also, what has the impact been on aircraft deliveries for 2009 (i.e., Falcon 7X, H4000, etc.)? I presume many have been delayed or cancelled...

This is a pretty comprehensive article about the various pilot voluntary options (there were similar options for cabin crew). So far, it has all been voluntary, no furloughs, etc. Our options broadly mirrored those seen at NJA, although I understand that they didn't have a "job sharing" category.

Deliveries? Yep, a corresponding impact. Not too sure about the H4000 - I've heard chat on the line that it might have slipped to early 2010 (due to the economic climate), but no idea how accurate that is.
<<<< Anyone knows if NetJets Middle East is hiring? >>>>

From their website, the Careers link is dead....... However, they announced expansion plans over a year ago, but it's all gone very quiet. The linked company is of course NAS - their website shows a few BBJ jobs.

<<<< If so, is it a great place to work? >>>>

From chatting over the years with their crews, there have been mixed feelings.

Money wasn't the best (but tax-free status) a couple of years ago (old info here) & the locations (mainly Jeddah, Riyadh, etc) certainly ain't party towns!! :p
Talked to some NAS crews on the road...... eh

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