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NetJets DA2000 in GSO yesterday ...Thanks!


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Feb 21, 2002
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Met a NetJets crew at P-H in GSO yesterday while waiting for our passengers. The FO gave me a tour of their Falcon 2000, which was a very cool experience, and answered all my newbie questions. They even turned on the APU and let me sit up front while explaining the modern avionics and systems. I had just left the office for the Baron flight to AVL and was dressed in my 'IT slob' uniform (cargo pants, tennis shoes, and a company-logo'd shirt) but the NetJets guys were still very gracious and didn't bat an eye at my slovenly appearance. Very cool!

I felt like a starry-eyed little kid again. :) Thanks!

Minh Thong


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May 3, 2005
It could be you too!

This too could be you if you want. I spent 20 years in the IT biz, made some money on options, quit to fly fractional. Type rated, lot's of left seat turbine time flying all over the country. It's worth it. I may go back some day, but right now I'm enjoying living the dream. Good luck.