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Netjets 800 question

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helo to herc

Jan 3, 2002
I am about to go out to Columbus for aircraft training and I can not get a good answer about the typical 800xp training schedule. For those who maybe in the aircraft, what is the schedule, is it an actual check ride at the end (they told us at indoc that it was not, but I have heard otherwise), do I need to haul all those binders out there, etc.....
Any and info concerning that process would be great. Thanks!
Although im not in the hawker(im in the ultra), i can tell you that YOU DO have a checkride IN THE SIM. It is a type ride. And if you are referring to the "aircraft training" after the sim, then it really isnt a checkride, but TREAT IT AS ONE. You can fail it, but you will be retrained.

There was two guys from my class who were failed on callouts....they were retested the next day or two days later and passed. Treat as a checkride and you will be fine. Treat it as a line flite, do ALL THE CALLOUTS....etc

Try to not worry too much....if you are relaxed, and know the callouts you will be fine.

Mucho Gracias 1900 Capt! That is pretty much what I have heard but it's good to know the real scoop. Roger on the Call-Outs....that is exactly what I have been working on.
H to H
Here's the schedule:

Day 1: Perfomance.
Day 2: Systesm
Day 3: Aircraft Preflight
Day 4: 4 legged hop

Day 1 is pretty much a review of perf you learned at FS. Just some more NJA specs and procedures.

at Day 2 you will have a 140 fill in the blank test on systems, memory items. They will give a systems review for a couple of hrs prior to the test.

Day 3 is ez. Just brush up on your FMS typing. You will be asked to completely program it etc.

on Day 4. You will take a short written test on profiles. Just to make sure you know them before you fly. The four legged hop is not a 'check ride'. However, if they think you need more help, they'll give you another flight the next day. I know two guys who had to do that last month. These flights are not done by check airman so they can't really 'fail' you. But they can recommend 'Extra Training'.

Hope the helps.
Check ride

Helo to Herc:

Here is my two cents worth. I cant disagree with two much the guys have said here but I would caution you with the check ride. I know my buddy Beytzim said its not a check ride and I hate to diagree with him but in my opinion it is. What I feel they are looking for is your command ability in the airplane. It is advertised as a familiarization flight but most of your work will be single engine and they do want to see you manage the FMS when needed and the check list. All your flying will be from the right seat but you need to actually be thinking like the Captain. You arent allowed to use the FMS for approaches so be prepared. Let me just say at this point that the ride is not difficult. The instructors are excelent and will work with you but they expect you to take control. The ride is thourough and fair. Go in prepared and dont expect a cake walk and you will do fine. And as corny as it sounds attitude really is very important to those guys. Good luck.

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