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Net Jets

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FL 510
May 2, 2005
I heard from a couple of former Net Jets captains that the whole 7 on 7 off is way off from the norm unless you have a super high seniority number, what's the real deal?

In a nutshell, Netjets considers a crew one captain and one FO and only grants the 7n7 to the top 50% of 'crews'. Since most fleets are overstaffed with Captains (it provides scheduling flexibility) almost all the FOs can hold the 7n7 while most of the Captains cannot...

For example if your in a fleet where there are 300 Captains and 100 Fo's ...

Half the FO's (50) can hold 7n7 - 50%

But only the top 50 Captains will be able to hold it - 16%

and since there are more Captains than FO's - if your a junior Captain you will often be paired up with a more senior Captain and fly as SIC ...

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