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Well-known member
Aug 21, 2002
The following is not an original post but one I have copied with permission from the author......It reflects the "FUD campaign of union busting" right out of the book, why we don't trust anything management says, and shows, in my opinion, that they can't even get their own stories straight within management ranks.

"I'm sitting here, drinking java, surfing the net and reading AIN. I see that recently there were comments made by Bridgeway Bob concerning the possibility of a furlough here at NJA. Since I know that he wouldn't be deceitful, I think that we should take the recent offer of 60K or something at 5 years... Oh, wait!!! What's this?? Hmmmm... page 89 of AIN...an article stating that NJA will take delivery of 20 800XPs and 20 400XPs over the next 2 years!! And what's this??? NJA is concluding a deal for 50 Hawker Horizons??? Oh and apparently we are still receiving brand new XLSs. HEY..still on page 89... What's this??? It's an ad requesting applicants for pilot positions at NJA!! That's ironic.. right next to the article about airplane deliveries is the NJA ad??? Now I'm confused
Bridgeway Bob says they're considering furloughs... BUT how can we furlough if we keep getting all of these airplanes... I guess that AIN must be lying to us."

Now, before you blame the pilots for being the reason others don't want to apply here, let me reiterate what I said in another thread:

Give the pilot applicants some credit.....they can and do think for themselves and are usually fairly educated about this business. They are not "wet-behind-the-ears" "oh, I wanna fly a jet" kids......Applicants at NJA are usually quite experienced and savvy. You aren't going to fool some 60 year old retired major airline pilot about conditions here one way or the other. S/he will make the decision to come here or not on their own.

And, as I have stated, I have even written two letters of recommendation for guys in the last 6 months. The first one turned the job down after looking at the conditions, pay, labor relations, time expected to be an FO and a host of other issues. He's a 10000 hour pilot and FAA DE amongst other things....he's not making life decisions based on what I or other NJA pilots have to say. So, don't blame us for the apparent dearth of applicants coming to NJA. NJA has done that to itself.

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