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Need to find a Neurologist

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New member
Aug 28, 2022
Hello all,

I’ve gotten a very expensive bug it seems, and want to obtain my PPL. Unfortunately, I also had a traumatic brain injury in 09 that required surgery.

I wanted to see an AME, before I got too far along with training. He submitted the paperwork, and said because it was so long ago and I clearly don’t have any issues also having been through professional school - he would make the best case for me.

FAA has just responded that I will need a neuro to check me out. The deadline to submit the paperwork has come and gone. Even with extensions - the problem being all the neuro clinics I talk to just say my issue isn’t their subspecialty.

Any recommendations of who I can go to and get the exam done. Can I complete all the training up to first solo even though my medical was denied/incomplete?

TIA for your help.
If you’re not already a member, join AOPA. They have a department that can assist you. I have leukemia, and they helped me get back my First Class Medical. Good luck.

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