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Need Time on C206! Help

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Nov 27, 2001
Hello there..I need some time in the C206 and was thinking about renting it somewhere for a block time.
Does anyone knows a C206 owner or Flight School?
I think theres a new one @ Air Orlando for rent....be ready to shell out some serious coin.

Who's telling you to show up with 206 time? I have a good guess, but I suspect it's not as big a deal as they might make out. What's the gig?
Umm Air Orlando is at Orlando I would think? Its at Orlando Executive. If you do rent out of there watch out easily half an hour on the ground during the weekends.

Personally I don't know if they have a 206 or not(only been there for the pilot shop). But if you do go there they have the best stocked pilot shop that I have ever been to (I was an hour longer than I expected to get back, and I planned for the ground time in the run up area). Call them up, their website is http://www.airorlando.com/

Sure enough I just checked, they have one, its $170/hr


The link above is the stat sheet on the aircraft.

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Well I `m thinking about going in Africa for some bush flying and most of the companies there use the 206 and Caravans.
That`s why i need some hours. :)
Monarch @ ADS has a T210 for 159.00 per hour.

You need 500tt, and 100 rg though....

as shawn said, I don't know that you have the mins to rent a 206...

It takes more than hours to do that work. It takes some practical experience and ability, and you may find that such back country work is well outside your present experience. My suggestion would be to find a job in Alaska for a year or two in a 207 before venturing over to Africa. Do you have a job offer there, yet?

I know that it`s not easy at all and I may not have the experience but it`s the only way to continue to fly. I have considered Alaska as well but unfortunately I don`t have any offer and don`t know anyone there either.
It would be a dream to go up there and work!

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