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Need opinions pls

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Sep 20, 2005
Hello guys...i just need to get some ideas about something that im thinking to do....I applied and i accepted to do my masters in two different colleges..one is Everglades university for the masters in aviation science(online degree) and the other one is MBA in aviation management at Dowling College in NY(not online). If you were me which one would you choose and why..need an honest opinion..thank you
neither....unless managing an airline is something you really want to do. My aviation degree is about as worthless as they get, granted it has gotten me where I need to be but finance with an emphasis on real estate would have gotten me there plus i might actually have something to fall back on...instead of my a$$.
worthless degrees

if you want something that is applicable towards airline management, why re-invent the wheel?

go to all the major airlines websites and all corporate officers are MBA's

nobody is "online degree from XXXX in aviation management"

don't re-invent the wheel

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