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Need help with your interview sim ride?


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Nov 8, 2005
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I am surprised by the amount of pilots that have been to interviews and that have said that the sim was too sensitive and they were not able to do well. I say that because I have owned MSFS since 1990 and I actually flew it before I ever even set foot on a real plane. MSFS stands for Microsoft Flight Simulator. For those of you that are not familiar with the software, you can get all kinds of add ons to it and make it as much as realisticd as you want. The only difference between MSFS and a real world flight sim is the size. On your computer, almost all instruments are right there in front of you while in a real world flight sim everything is spread out and it is harder to keep an instrument scan. But at least, with MSFS you can used to the sensitivity. And also MSFS is good practice for your instrument scan. I actually used MSFS 1994 for my instrument ticket back then and it helped a lot. Between MSFS, a Level 5 MD-80 FTD, Level C MD-80 full motion flight sim, I found MSFS and the FTD to be the most sensitive. With MSFS you can get realistic add ons for aircraft such as the B767, A320, Embraer 145, and can get v1 cut, engine fire, and all kinds of emergency. All 3 add-ons are made by Wilco Publishing. You can find additional info at www.wiclopub.com They also have a CRJ add on as well.

For those of you that have an interview with AWAC. It is worth to spend the money and go to pearl avaition. If you want additional, practice, MSFS King Air 350 works just as good. For the 2100# power setting, use 90% on the King Air 350 in MSFS, for the 1500# power setting, use 50%, for the 800# for approach you can use betwee 35% to 40%. Use only approach flaps.

For those of you that have an ASA interview, again Wilco publishing has an add on. I found at while practicing in MSFS that 60% n1 worked very well for various phases of the flight. Well guess what, when I spoke to a CRJ-200 pilot he told me that the CRJ-200 is a 60% airplane. There is no way I would pay $600 to practice for an ASA interview. MSFS works just fine!

Now, what makes it even better is that you can get vritual flight controlling! go to www.vatsim.net and you can download the software for flying and for controling for free. Now team up with a buddy and have him be the controler. Have him make you come too tight, too high, give you heading for distraction and get you rushed! That is what they will do to you in the sim to see if you fall behind or if you will stay in control. The important part is fly the airplane! ATC can wait and if not, then you would just go around.

Good luck to all of you with upcoming interviews and I hope this thread will help.

P.S. I do not work for any of the companies posted above nor am I affiliated with any of them. I used to be a memeber of VATSIM back in 2000 (was actually called SATCO back then) and use to control and fly but I have not participated since 2001.

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