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Need help with Nextel Cup Teams

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missing man

Any day flyin' is GREAT!!
Jan 26, 2004
We'll I have moved to Race City USA (Mooresville,NC) and no luck with the race teams looking for a pilot job. I'm curious on how some of those on the other side of the fence have been able to get their foot in the door. I know you have to be at the bottom of the steps on your hands and knees with the sun and moon lined up just right to join the NASCAR Airforce.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I just asked that question about 5 days ago or so. I got the back of my head slapped for not looking at prior posts. So, look at prior posts. I did not come up with a lot of good info off of the prior posts and that is why I asked a few days ago. Look back in the corp. thread and you will find the responses that I got.

Good luck brother!
Short answer ... if you moved here just for a NASCAR Air Force job and you didn't have contacts already flying for a team, an owner, or a driver ... you're gonna be disappointed.

But you never know. Walk in a resume to every team shop in Mooresville, Concord, High Point (Nothing open there, though.), Randleman (I know they're not looking either.), Liberty, Lexington, and even some of the Busch shops (though most of them use charter). Hell ... pound pavement, man. You may hit 'em on a day when they've just fired a contract Captain and a full-time FO (As recently happened :D).


Edit ... Missing, here's the smack to the back of your head ... "SPAT!" ... for not searching first. :D
Hey Snake Thanks for the reply! No I did not move to Mville for a job...my wife made me do it . I'm mentally preparing myself for the long haul to another flying job. Thanks again!
Missing Man,

At one time NASCAR Aviation kept a copuple of aircraft at JQF. King Air and Lear I think. You could try applying with them. Headquatered in DAB. So you would need to track down the address in Daytona and tell them you are interested in the JQF "base".
FWIW, I met the D.O. at recurrent trng a couple years back and he truly is a heck of a nice guy.

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