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Need help with a Debonaire(BE33)?

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Active member
May 23, 2002
I will be giving my instrument student instruction in his own plane, a Beech Debonair (BE33).

We worked on power settings for approaches, etc. Seems to work pretty well.

Was curious as to what other Debonair pilots/owners use for power settings.

He is a new owner and new private pilot.

I'm also looking for a check list for this plane.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
wait a sec, a new pilot AND a new owner...and in a BE-33? sheesh, what happened to the days of buying a 152 for your first plane, especially as a new pilot :rolleyes:

anyways, power settings...what is it you need exactly? ive got a POH in my flight bag, and can fax a checklist if you like :)
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Figure out what speed you want to shoot approaches at. Can't remember the 33 but does 100kts sound about right. Take the plane up and practice verticle S's at all different rates of descent. If you have a 100kt ground speed you'll need about 500fpm descent to stay on a 3 degree glide slope. You know the formula....??? GS X 10 / 2 = Rate of descent. Obviously 1000-1200 fpm will requuire less power. My suggestion go up and work on the basics of flying rates of descents of 500,600,300,400,1000,1200 FPM changing them up periodically while maintaining heading and airspeed. Once he gets that make 5 degree hdg changes also. But you'll find that he will find these power settings himself. Do these drills before you start approaches...it will make it much easier in the long run.
Thanks for the advise. He's an instrument finish up which makes it harder. He picked up a few bad habits....not using checklist!!
He also claims not to use fuel pump for T.O. and Landing.

As for the POH...I would love a copy of checklist, except that I don't have a fax machine and neither does my flight school.

Thanks again.
hes right, fuel pump for engine start only, and then only monentarily :) a fuel injected engine is a PITA to handle after flooding it...bad memories from my Sierra days :rolleyes:

well, lemme make copies of whatever i can, and i guess i can throw it up here tonight/this weekend :D
The BE33 can be flown very nicely on the approach at 85kts. It will be a lot easier for the pilot to reproduce results to minimums when you're done training him. This speed will also keep him in Category A minimums, will be easier to land from, and give him more time on the approach. Try it. You might like it. You shouldn't need a fax machine. Just make copies of your students POH. Good luck.

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