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Need EMB-120 Info!

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Where's Pancakes House
Nov 26, 2001
Basically I need to get my hands on as much Brasilia info as possible in the next two weeks since I have no clue about anything in that Aircraft except it has complex electrical system. Are there any manuals or notes out there on the web that discuss systems, typical profiles, and call outs? The info doesn't need to be airline specific. Also any words of wisdom on basic characteristics of the EMB-120 would be appreciated.

Thanks for all the replys.
No, I have been recalled and have been assigned in new equipment. Unemployment days are over!
Recalled where? CoEx? I'm curious, I hadn't yet heard of recalls. Great news though.

Don't worry too much about the Brasilia. If you have had complex systems before, it really isn't too bad. If it is a good one, your training department will teach you what you need to know. Too much risk of learning it incorrectly with unguided self study.

The prop is a pain, simply because of the problems we have had with it. As if knowing the mechanical workings of the darn thing will help me when it rockets to 140%+ Np. The electrical system is weird, but not too bad if all of the airplanes are of the same mod status (they should all be post-mod by now.)

Have fun with it.
Sabreliner, check your PM
If your NP hits 140%, you won't have to worry about the prop anymore. There was an incident a few years ago prior to the installation of the FIS circuitry when the crew went into beta in flight. One prop left the aircraft with an NP of around 140% while the other prop hit 125% and miraculously stayed put. How the heck are you going beyond 116% anyways?
PS. The electrical feather switches work REAL good in flight.

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