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Need COMAIR gouge...interview soon!!!

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Dec 7, 2001
I'm trying to find out more info on 1st year at COMAIR:

1) Pay (also 2nd year FO pay)?
2) Time to Capt?
3) Difficult to commute on resverve?
4) Reserve guarantee?
5) How long to hold a line?
6) Any word on new bases?
7) Anything else that could influence my decision?

Thank you...
comair info

training pay is 1000 a month until IOE, should be around 2-3 months to complete training. 2nd year pay is 2000 month. Comair keeps alot of reserve pilots I've been on reserve for 2 years but the strike slowed us down a little. The guys hired now will move up quickly with the additional jets, but expect to sit reserve for at least a year or more. upgrade is running about three years and expect to sit reserve there for up to two more years. The reserve schedule makes it very difficult to commute, you have six days that can be taken in sets of three, the company cannot change these, then you get 4 more soft days that will be moved around and are normally given one at a time. so a month goes something like this. Sit reserve 5 days, off 1, on res 4 days, off 3 days, res 5 days, off 1 day, res 4 days, off 1 day, res 4 days, off 3 days. call out is 1.5 hrs. you can see this would limit commuting. There is talk about a Dallas base but expect that to go senior with initially 20 crews.
Overall good place to work, but the first few years are going to be painful if you don't live here. Good luck.
Here is the info from the briefing we recieved less than a week ago at the interview. Some of the info differs from the previous post. Training pay is 230 a week till starting IOE. They only pay for the first seven days of hotel then you are on your own.
Training runs abbout 2-3 months. Fist year FO 21/hr going to 21.50/hr in June. Second year almost 36/hr. Expect to only fly around 400 month first year and 800 second year. Upgrade with 3000 total and 500 with company. They told us reserve would be 6-7 months and upgrade in 18-24 with the minimum times. I hope that is true! Contract seems pretty solid, with duty and trip rig, similar to Air Wis. Health incl vision and dental would be about 15/mth double that for you and partner. Currently 10 days off changing to 11 in June. One block of 3 days and one of 4 and 3 floating days. Captains pay tops out at 118/hr. THis equates to about 20G your first year 36-38G second year and a Senior Captain will bring in around 120-130G. They also have a commuting clause, which makes it easy to commute if you can hold a line. Almost immposible to commute on reserve. Very impressive facility, and nice people. Huge growth expected. No official word on more bases, hinted about Dallas. If you can handle the first year it seems to be the next best thing to a Major.
THis is just what we were told. For all I know the info above from an actual pilot may be more accurate.
Hop this Helps.
Good Luck!!
robbo numbers seem more accurate, I was speaking from past experience. If those were the upgrades times given by company then it should happen, I sure hope it does, really depends on when you actually get hired and what the plans are for 2003.
There are many rumors going around including merging with ASA.:D

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