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Well-known member
Dec 18, 2001
I'm currently at a regional as an FO on an RJ. I am at the bottom of the seniority list. They were buying jets like crazy prior to 9-11, but now are actually shrinking due to the fact they are getting rid of their Saabs and going "all jet". Because of this, it might be awhile before I can get off reserve, upgrade, etc,...it's hard to tell. Before, upgrade was out of seniority order if you had the total time, etc, and if no one senior could do it. At that time, I was looking at a three month upgrade. Now...I don't know. Should I wait and hold out as an FO, possible be furloughed (again!) or go to another regional and start afresh. I've been there for six months and only flown 20 hours due to the furlough, training, etc. Yes, it is EXA for those interested. Thanks.
This is a tough one to answer, because nobody can predict what your company is going to do next. Is there any chance you can start looking for other work, and if you get furloughed, you might have a backup ready? My suggestion would be to apply to any airline that's hiring, and when they call you to work there, decide then. I personally know people who left Comair during our strike to work at Express One, and I hope they will be okay. You never know what the future will bring, and you just have to make your best guess.

PS, please use codes that everyone knows, as I just learned what EXA stood for. I've been in aviation for over twenty years, and I don't know all of the Airline's codes. Please help us out and use the name. Thanks.
As someone in the top third of the senority at Airlink, I hear a. I'll be sitting Captain reserve for years to come it looks like. I think a lot of people came here with unrealitis expectations, or at least were told them. We are still planning on recieving every CRJ that was on order prior to 9/11, but that is only 10-11 planes next year, so would have been no growth to begin with, considering we were scheduled originally to loose 10 planes next year. Now with the Saabs leaving late this winter we will stagnate for a while. I doubt there will be any furloughs though.

If you have an offer with a place that is growing, I'd look into it. The only problem is that Comair and Skywest are the only 2 still hiring. Both of which would take a while to get a class and be on reserve even longer. I also think most of the USAirways commuter are hiring, the down side is the same long upgrade time, probably longer then here.

If you have a charter, corporate, or fractional job, then I'd really consider it highly. Especially if you are commuting and they have one at your home airport. I'd take a fractional job if offered one right now, been trying for a while.
Should I stay or should I go?

My gut feeling is you should stay put and sit tight. You do have a seniority number where you are. If you start anew at another commuter you will be doing just that, starting anew. That is risky, in my .02 opinion. It's a bird in the hand, two in the bush kind of thing.

Good luck with your decision.
You also need to look at growth potential of EXA vs. all of the other regionals. Pre 9/11 EXA was booming. Now it's gonna be waaaay slow. If you compare EXA to Skywest and Comair, there is by far more "potential" at Skywest and Comair. NWA is just sitting around playing with their 2 airlinks as the rest of the industry tries to move on. With your CRJ training, Comair or Skywest are perfect for you. If you like the west coast or the rockies go Skywest, heck they even going near the east coast now. if you like basking in the SE, go Comair. Good luck

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