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Need Canada Cold Weather Altitude Corrections Chart

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TEB Hilton resident
Nov 25, 2001
Anybody know where i can find it? I've looked all over the Nav Canada
If you use jepps, there is a page in there that has the same info. The AIM has it as well. The altimeter doesn't work any differently in Canada. The same correction the AIM says to apply to US procedures is what you use in Canada.
The Chart is the easiest way but if you can't find one you could use the formula:

Altitude difference = Altitude Above Airport X 4% X ( ISA Deviation/10 )

It's in a publication called the CAP-GEN. It should come free if you pick up some approach plates from Canada. (This only applies to the Canada Air Pilot Plates, not Jepp or others) Maybe call up a pilot supply shop or Transport Canada and see if they can fax you the cold air temperature correction chart.
I've seen a picture of it. We used to carry it in my old life because we used to operate in -40 to -50 quite a bit. I remember leaving my truck running for a week and coming back to put it in reverse. The wheels just spun inside the tires. ugh. I don't really miss the cold but it would help in an accident i'm looking at.
Here you go. Link for an old CAP-GEN. Cold Air Temp correction should be on page 19 or 20.

Cap Gen Here

I'm sure you knew that already, but that should help if you just need to reference something from it.

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