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Need Advice!

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May 13, 2002
Help! I’m hoping to get some advice. Here’s my situation… I’m currently flying as an SIC on a part 91 B300 (the typed captain is not single pilot qualified, therefore I’m logging legal SIC time). I have an opportunity to be hired on at a 135 operator and act as a PIC on a Baron, along with flying a B200 as a SIC (and occasionally PIC). The question is, which is more valuable, Part 91 SIC B300 or Part 135 PIC Baron time (with the occasional 135 B200 time)?
Go for the 135 PIC time. There really isn't that much difference between the 200 and 300, is there? It's not like you'd be giving up 737 time to get the Baron time. Hope that helps.
Take the PIC job, atleast you will still be getting turbine time with the 200 that you will be flying SIC.
Go for the PIC 135 job. If there is not an upgrade in your very near future I would definitely take the 135 job, especially if it is freight. Corporate employers love former frieght dogs. SIC in basically a single pilot airplane just isn't worth all that much in the grand scheme of things. If I were sitting on an interview panel I would definitely put more weight on the pilot who had been flying 135 PIC than a pilot flying SIC on a be30 under part 91 rules. Just my .02 cents from a guy who has been in a very similiar position.
Go 135- I was just offered a job flying a Baron (part 91) for a local company after a few (maybee 2) seconds of thought I said "no thanks"- a 135 company, training, records, flight checks, etc, etc, yada yada.. looks much better on a resume than "91 flying".... more standardized and for some reason (s) regionals seem to dig it- who knows...

my $.02

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Recip 135 Multi PIC v. Turbine Multi SIC

I vote with the majority. Take the 135 PIC job. Definitely. At this point in your career not many things beat 135 multi PIC. That kind of time does not grow on trees. The turbine time might look nice in your logbook, but it is only so much window dressing because it is SIC.

Good luck with your decision.

I wanted to thank everyone for their opinions... it looks like the 135 job is clearly the better choice. As soon as that position opens, I’ll look to fill it.

Thanks again,

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