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Need advice on taking a job

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Feb 19, 2002
I am currently instructing and I was offered to fly on a B1900 as a FO flying freight. The thing is, the company recently filed Chapter 11 as a legal maneuver so they wouldn't lose a post office contract flying mail back and forth. The fact that they filed in the first place makes me a little nervous. But I was told it's just so that they could get a stay and keep the contract while the court battles are being fought. I was also told that the company is financially sound and the decision could go either way whether they lost that contract or not. And there's a year long contract (stay 1 year after training). Not worried aobut that casue where else am I gonna go? Unless I want to keep CFI'ing. Nedd advice on what to do. Any thoughts? If this isn't detailed enough lat me know.
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I assume you are talking about little ACE up in Alaska. Take the job, I would deffinately if I were you. If for some reason you end up getting furloughed you will have build up some good multi turbine time, and some Alaska time. I would do just about anything to get a good freight job up in Alaska. I think it would be so cool to live up there. I would go for it if I were you, but I am not so you will have to do what is the best for you. One question for you, what is the upgrade time to captin and how is the pay for an FO?
$20 per hr for a FO and they want 3000TT for the upgrade. I think that's pretty reasonable, considering that insurance up here is alomst killing people.
Give my regards to Santa

The money sounds about right, cost-of-living in Alaska considered, the training contract sounds fair, and the 3000 TT upgrade sounds reasonable. After some of the SIC time-logging debates I've read during the past week or so, I'd say this sounds like a decent deal, even if they go TU and you get only a couple hundred hours, of what would be multi, turbine, night, and instrument while you're flying. Alaska is not my thing, but that notwithstanding, it sounds like a good step up that could lead to better things. I'd go for it, if I were you. Hopefully, they'll ATP and type you on their nickel when it's time.
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Go for it. If it goes TU, you can always come back to the lower 48 and CFI. In the meantime, you're getting ME time with a possible upgrade down the line.
Sounds like a good deal. There aren't a lot of jobs out there. I've been looking for almost two months with no luck.
Good Luck
What are you waiting for start class ASAP. The other posts hit on the key points.

- Getting quality Turbine multi
- Its hard getting these jobs due to the recent furloughs and you can build hours and leave latter on to go fly at a regional and get in one of the hundreds of RJ's that are on order everywhere. Then one day when the majors are hiring again, you will be in a prime spot to land that kind of job if that is your goal, or the corporate of your dreams will like your quality turbine time.

Good luck to you and fly safe.
1900 frt dog,

there's a court decision due in the next couple of days which may make your decision for you. Or it may not. Ultimately they will lose the postal contract, as they didn't qualify for it under the postal service's own regulations. However, they might be able to drag it out for a long time, while still carrying the mail. I'd go to the class, what the heck, the most you'd be out is the time you spent. If you do get on line you'll fly a lot. Many of their pilots hit 1400 hours in early December and get the rest of the month off.\


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