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Need advice from Fedex and UPS pilots

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Mar 28, 2002
I would like to work for Fedex or UPS, and need some career path advice. Until this point my career has followed a typical civilian progression with several years of flight instructing and traffic watch, followed by the honorary Baron check hauling job. I am also building turbine experience driving skydivers on the weekends in a Twin Otter.

My question is this... Am I better off sticking with the 135 company to gain jet experience flying passenger charters in Citations? or.... Should I try to make a move to one of the Regional Jet carriers to gain jet and 121 experience?

Thanks in advance.


(anyone want to write a letter? fellow hokies? anyone?)
Choose the path of least resistance!

What you need is:

- The time
- The PIC
- The turbine time.

135/121/military... who cares!

Good luck dude!

I agree with Goose17. Don't worry so much about 135/121. Go where ever you will get turbine PIC fastest. Of course, that might only be a guess at this point. Depending on how much you fly at your current job, you might be better off staying with the charters. If you go to a regional jet carrier, it will likely be quite a while until you are logging PIC. Don't forget to consider lifestyle/income etc. Just my $.02. I know UPS hires from many diverse backgrounds. Corporate, Regional, Military, and ...gasp...other majors. Best of Luck.
It's a well known fact that military pilots are prefered at FedEx.They have a built in support network in place there.
Don't let inline discourage you. True: FedEx hires many military pilots. Up until this time last year, so did every other major (except Continental). But back to the issue: Nearly every new hire class at FedEx has pilots from each branch of the service and civilians. I would have to think we hire more civilian pilots than Marine Corps pilots, simply because more qualified civilians apply. That doesn't mean we don't like Marines. Likewise with civilian versus military. It's easy to gripe, but instead let's get you hired.

My only point is, you are welcome at FedEx. Keep building quality time, lots of PIC, and look at your overall resume to see where it could use some work. The posted minimums are just that, minimums. If the competition has a 4 year degree, you need one (etc.). Pick one of the 6,000+ resumes out of the stack currently active and compare yourself. Keep at it until you are more desirable than the others and you get the call. As you see throughout the message board, work on establishing contacts, they are very helpful though some get hired without. This is true of all the majors (try to get hired at UPS without contacts).

Focus on the prize.

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