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Need a JOB

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New member
Dec 20, 2001
So Im outa work but at least its Christmas..hahaha..wait..thats not funny :) Anyway, seems it wasn't only the 121 guys that got thrown out into the street after Sept..I too recieved one of those unpleasant calls. So if any of you corp. guys know of anyone looking for a Lear Jet or Hawker captain I would be very appreciative. Anywhere in the lower 48 would be fine at this point...part 91 or 135...domestic or international ops...

Fly safe and Happy Christmas
Try Flightcraft in Portland, OR. They operate a few Hawkers and at least one Lear 35. They use a lot of contract pilots so it is worth a shot. Million Air in SLC also operates a few Hawkers, not sure how they crew them though.

Good luck,
Smokejumper Pilot

If you are interested in a government flying job, the USDA/Forest Service will probably be hiring several pilots nationwide. Check usajobs.gov for listings. Job series 2181 is airplane pilot. the Web site will allow you to bring up all 2181 job announcements.

The pay and benefits are pretty good and you can live in places like Missoula or Boise. You won't have to worry about being furloughed. You won't fly as much as you would like, about 300 hrs a year. I think it is a good trade off.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays
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