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Need a job, any suggestions?

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El Duderino

Jet Aircraft Pilot
Jan 12, 2002
I have 1500tt and 850 multi.

Currently I'm waiting tables in Austin, TX. I have sent resumes out to Comair, and Shuttle America recently. I would like to stay in Austin or Houston, however I'm not against moving. All suggestions will be appreciated.

thank you
Ok, this is not a personal slam, but let me be honest. The majority of regional airlines are currently being flooded by much higher time applicants, making it pretty difficult for relative low-timers like you and me to get called. Even the night freight operators are being swamped by high-timers. That said, it never hurts to apply. Some of the USAIR wholly-owneds are hiring, and a few others. My advice is to do a ton of research, apply to every regional, charter company, corporate flight department and cargo airline and update regularly. Be willing to relocate and leave your illustrious job at a moments notice. Take any flying job you can get right now. Be patient. I'm pretty sure you already knew all that stuff and were hoping someone would have better news. The job market still sucks and will for a while to come. I wish it were othewise. Good luck on your search.
Job suggestion

Bluto is correct. Your times are decent, but take it from someone who knows and saw it during similar times ten years ago, i.e. war, recession, furloughs and failing airlines. There are more qualified pilots on the streets right now than you can shake a stick at. They will be called before you are called.

Two words: Go Instruct. Instructing jobs are tight, but are attainable. You need to be making money flying and not waiting tables, and instructing is your best chance. Houston is a pretty good aviation market and you should be able to land something. While you're at it, get your ATP.

The truth of the matter is that even in good times there are always more qualified pilots available than there are jobs. There is no such thing as a "pilot shortage."

Good luck with your job search.
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Thank you Gentlemen! I appreciate the advice.

Does anyone know some company names that are hiring. I know there are several listed through out the board, but I'm sure there are some companies out there that ae hiring that aren't being talked about. Such as Cargo, or Charter companies, or Corporate flight departments that are hard to find information on.

again, thank you very much!
Do you know if Colgan has a trainning contract? If so, whats it about. Also, when did they start hiring? I emaild a resume so hopefully, I'll get an interview. Thanks for your help.
Yes, Colgan has a 12 month training contract.
Nice Avitar DUDE. Glad to see a Coen Brothers fan out there.

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