Near miss runway / incursion at HAF


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Jul 13, 2005
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So I cant sleep because of this one.

Touch and goes at HAF, near SFO, CA. Student is comming along can report position and nearly land the plane. Right traffic turning downwind to base. 5 a/c in the pattern. Two instructors one teaching tailwheel and another teaching in a cessna (looked like a 152) out of PAO start having a conversation over CTAF about the aerobatics going on, (pretty much in what would have been the left hand pattern of runway 30), we were in right hand traffic. Since I couldn't get a word in I start turning base to final, announce base to keep it short. Some guy in a big cessna like a 182 or 210 taxis into position doesn't check final. We go around. Cant go left due to the aerobatics. Cant go right due to the a/c on downwind and now the cessna is right below us and climbing. If we had been aerobatic and he had skylights I could have pulled a top gun and flipped him "the bird". I'm used to close quarters because of some glider flying but this was insane. I was pissed. I let the guy know he blew it and he says "wow" mocking me over the radio. I felt this could have turned into way worse. I guess it was just another labor day near miss.



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Dec 30, 2004
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Memorial Day, July 4, and Labor Day were the 3 holidays I never wanted to flight instruct for that very reason. That's when the people who fly once a year go out in full force.

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