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Navy Ensign can't handle his call sign!

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Of course he's a Cowboy's fan... Typical whiny guy from Dallas.

Can't the Navy just kick him out now and be done with it? I'm sure the Air Force would love to have him.
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I had sympathy for him til he came out of the closet and said he was a cowboys fan. I mean is it even harassment if it's scientifically proven to be true?
"Butts" Tench



I will say this, his proposed call signs were not humorous by any standard. Meh.
I think he's a *************************! What a homo! He goes down in the likes of Christa McAuliffe who reported Tailhook '91 that ruined the old school of Naval Aviation. Get the f*** out of the Navy "Chief" if you can't handle some hazing... you've been in long enough to know about that... right?

But I stand corrected! You homo chiefs take hazing to a much more dramatic level when you initiate new CPO's... you make them carry around stupid books and jog around and sing stupid jodys and carry on about core values...

You've joined the wardroom of the world's elite Naval Aviators... we expect you to be able to hang w/ the world's finest. Don't be a *************************. Even the new and faggotty US Navy will not let it's Naval Aviation Squadron's be usurped by a complete puzzy....

Don't let the door hit you in the azz on your way out ensi... oh, sorry... I mean Chief. Or should I say TED!


Proud member of Naval Aviation's Elite Carrier Pilot Force!

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