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Navajo to Meridian

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Oct 7, 2005
Wondering if their are any Meridian drivers out there. Company looking to trade from a PantherNavajo to a 2001 or 2002 Meridian. Just wondering about pay and what kind of performance you truly get vs. book.

For the Meridian, you can get an honest 250-250-250. 250 KTAS at FL250 on 250 PPH.

It's an awesome flying airplane. I also fly the PC-12 and the Meridian is like a Porsche compared to the truck-like handling of the PC-12.

However, it's a SMALL airplane. Weight is also very limiting. Top the tanks and you can take the pilot and 1, maybe 2 passengers. Even with the tanks topped off, you've got a range with reserves of less than 1000 NM.

If you've got specific numbers questions, PM me and I'll look 'em up.

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