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National Guard

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Well-known member
Jan 11, 2002
Anyone IN or have served in the National Guard? I've sent away for information on joining. Seems for two days a month there is a lot of benefit to be had, especially in aviation.

Just curious.
Did the Army Guard thing for a while. Much of what you get depends on which state you join in.
I'd be interested in the Illinois National Guard. I've seen their web page and have requested info, etc.
I just retired from 20 years in the Air and Army National Guard.

There are benefits to be had, especially if one makes it to retirement. I have to wait for age 60 to receive retiree pay and medical coverage, but receive just about everything else.

The commissary and exchange priviledges continue for me and my family. I'm also eligible to use most base/post services.

The best benefit for me was Chapter 106 of the Montgomery GI Bill, also called the new GI Bill. That covered some of my flight training. As a medical reject from Air Force UPT, this benefit helped me complete my flight training.

Good luck...fly safe!
The Army National Guard is hurting for pilots in most states. Some of the Apache Units are actively looking for pilots. Go out and meet some people at these units and talk to them. It's a great way to go, I'm partial to the Apache (Since I fly one) But Army Helo flying is a blast and the guard is the best of both worlds. Some states that have the AH-64 are, Idaho, Arizona, NC, SC, FLA, TX.

Good Luck
how much can you make in the Guard if:

-you are 31 years old
-bachelor's degree
-commecial pilot, CFI, etc.

how possible is it to get a flying job in this scenario? Pay?

I'll be honest, you're at a disadvantage with your age. Anything is possible, you can possibly get a waiver for your age but I'm not sure. The normal age cut-off to begin flight school is 27 1/2. However I've seen older guys go to flight school. You need to contact a guard unit and ask them directly. I would hesitate to take no for an answer as two different people may give you two different answers, few things are that cut and dry even in the military. Bottom line, if it's something you really want then you may be able to make it happen.

Good Luck
Our last pilot in the Utah Guard to go to UPT was 31 when he started. His pay as a 2LT is about $3500 take home with the new raise. But putting that into perspective - you get free housing and utilities for the 2 years (about) of flight training, CCTS, survival, etc... When you finish all of your training you can plan on 1 weekend a month and 3 or 4 flight training days which amount to about $800 - $1000 take home. All this is trivial right now since all of us in Utah are activated anyway :eek:

Is it possible to get a job - always. It is just a little tougher since pilots getting off active duty who are unable to get interviews with the majors are joining Guard units in large numbers.

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