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National Driver Registry or Records?

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Unfortunately no, and I will eventually need one to take to an interview.
Metro752 said:
do ya have any buddies that are cops?
From what I hear, they can't do that kind of favor for you any more. You gotta go in and fill out the paperwork and pay the little fee.
Metro752 said:
go for a ride a long and they can!
Nahhh, I don't need to...I know what's on my NDR. And if they got something on there by mistake, I'll know about it pretty soon, because the company is running one and I have to sign to let them look at it once.

Besides, has anybody even looked to see if a beat cop can even look at the NDR of a driver? Heck, anybody else that wants to see it has to get permission.

Cops can see your NCIC and your state driving record, but I don't know if they can just click buttons and look at your NDR. Here in Wisconsin, anybody can go to Wisconsin Circuit Court Access and look at anybody's civil, criminal and traffic convictions that occur in Wisconsin, just by knowing their name and it's free. Other states are doing the same thing.

Just look up Wisconsin Circuit Court Access, click "I agree" and do a search on your favorite Wisconsonite. I think the WCCA site lists other states that have participation in similar on line programs.
I went through the second site about 2 weeks ago. $29.99 if my memory serves me correctly. I too needed one for a job interview. I paid for it via credit card, printed the sheet and then faxed it in at around 10 am. I had my results by email that afternoon. Very easy and I recommend it...the employer had no problem with it either.

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