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Nassau this weekend.

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Well-known member
Jul 9, 2002
Going to Nassau this weekend for one (long) night. Should I bother with a car? Any suggestions re hotels? Read a post from the summer, and the Wyndham seems to be a winner. Any other suggestions? How about dining opinions?

Nassau feedback

Depending on what you are looking for...don't get too excited about Nassau. Stay on Paradise island and sip martinis and play with the high rollers if your pocket book can afford it. The other primary tourist spot is Cable Beach, the location of the other Casino. The Nassau Beach Hotel is next door and is often the best deal near some action. New Providence (the island which Nassau sits on) is not very big and you can hop cabs and hotel shuttles as cheap or cheaper than renting a car. The most fun you can have here is to go SCUBA diving. Do it 48 hours before departure, and even if you're not certified...find a place that will do a discovery dive and you will soon be hooked. Great shark dives. And..plan on spending anywhere from $5-$7 bucks for Rum Rummers or a Kalik, a highly recommended local beer. Have fun....and at least take a walk through the Atlantis Resort and Casino (the casino on Paradise Island).
Enjoy the fresh conch and grouper!
The Hilton is pretty decent. Right on the corner of Nassau town, walking distance to everything in town.

I second the notion of taking a cab(s). If you were staying longer I'd recommend renting a scooter for some sightseeing.

But if you're there for just one night, it's pretty much going to be just another hotel.
The Wyndham is pretty rough. I was there Oct 2004, and it was a SH#T hole. I would suggest staying elsewhere.
The Hilton is mediocre. If you plan on drinking, go down the road, you'll pay 8 bucks a drink at the hotel bar. ALSO, NEGOTIATE the cab price BEFORE you get into the car. They will charge you what they think they can get...
Paradise Island. Best bet

Cable Beach is a freakin slum. That Marriott should be torn down.

Colonial Hilton downtown is OK for a night or two...kinda quiet but clean.

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