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NASCAR/International Speedway Corp.

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Well-known member
Nov 16, 2003
Anybody here fly for them? I'm talking about the company based in DAB, not all the race teams in the Carolinas. Anything you can tell me about the company (flight department) would be great. Pay, aircraft, schedule, etc.

Im not sure, but I think that job would be working for NASCAR, not one of the race teams.
Should be a great job if you can get it.
Yea, I know who they are they build race tracks an architect/engineer buddy of mine works for them. He designs race track stuff along with roads and airport runways. I got to see a sneak peek at 2 different tracks that were in the works here in the North West! Can we say WOW! I will ask him how they were flying him to bremerton!
NASCAR is a nice operation, great people and a heck of a nice DO, was in reccurrent with him awhile back. Bases in DAB and JQF. Last I heard they were replacing the Lears with Hawkers and I think 2 Falcons. Dont have any contact info, just a little bit what Ive gathered by talking with the crews and meeting a few them at FSI.
NASCAR is based at DAB, and last time I was over there they were operating two Hawker 800XP's with Proline avionics. They may have another airplane or two, but I only recall the Hawkers. The crews sure seem to be happy campers.

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