My whacky airfield concept.


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Oct 28, 2020
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This is a 13,500-foot-long runway running alongside the beach of a fictitious tropical private island. Virtually, any jet airplane can land here. The island is under development and will be hilly with some inland mountains and might not provide a good approach over land. It is safer to land and take off over water anyway. The Japanese had a huge airport built over water. I just have a runway and a taxiway and a few windsocks, not an entire airport. In theory, the platform resembling a giant aircraft carrier would rest on columns. Hollow watertight compartments under the deck might support most of the weight with buoyancy. The pillars would just stabilize the platform against tidal activity. The platform is 27 feet above mean sea level so aircraft don't get drowned by foul weather and heavy seas in case I have to book my island fast in case SHTF. The elevated apron with a hangar is on land right by the runway. Land is built up to bridge the gap between the airfield structure and the apron.


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