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My heart bleeds...

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Well-known member
Dec 30, 2001
I had a mainline US Airways guy on my jumpseat yesterday telling me (a wholly-owned, soon-to-be-furloughed-pilot) all about his $92,000 pay cut. It was a long ass flight too. I was trying so hard not to laugh...I mean cry....especially when he told me that he had been fighting for a flow through for us for the past 10 years. Yeah, it would have been real convenient NOW, wouldn't it?

Who knows, maybe he was the Lone Ranger in disquise?
I hear ya brother.

I'm sorry that happened to you. It is a shame that people can not be a little bit more empathetic when they're on a jumpseat.

While I'm certain his paycut was catestrophic for him, he should have understood that the loss of 100% of your pay/benefits would be far more catestrophic for you.

I hope you took advantage of the time that you had him on the jumpseat and "explained" a few things to him.

For what its worth, not all mainline pilots are bad. I flew with some terrific guys and most everyone I flew with understood the need for a bidirectional flowthrough -- we line pukes couldnt understand why the MEC was unable or unwilling to negotiate one.

For what its worth, I'm furloughed from mainline, working for a wholly-owned, and soon to be furloughed again along with you.

I'd like to say I know how you feel, but I guess we all have our own sets of circumstances.

Best of luck to you! -- To all of us.:(
I sure wish you had been on my jumpseat instead. Fortunately, I haven't dealt with many rotten apples....
Everybody's life sucks. Asserting that my life sucks more than yours is not all that helpful. Both of you just get to deal with it.
did you see the article in the PHL inquirer? BEEBE (sp) was talking about only making 150 g's and how that would change the colleges the kids could go to. It's much worse than just that but I can't remember the specifics well enough to quote them. It was in MOn or Tuesdays paper. you can probably find it online.
Oh yeah...I SAW it.....

Pilots for US Airways struggle with proposal

....Under the tentative deal, pilots - who are US Airways' highest-paid labor group - would agree to $465 million in total salary and benefits reductions. That means a typical junior pilot would see a cut in salary from about $150,000 to $110,000. Many captains would see their annual incomes shrink from $210,000 to $155,000.

If the agreement were approved, the smaller paychecks would begin arriving Aug. 15. The agreement would be retroactive to July 1 and last through 2008.

"Homes will be sold. Kids will go to different colleges. There will be divorces," Beebe said, predicting the impact of the pay cuts.


If this were us, the above paragraph would read: Homes will be bought. Kids will go to Havard. There will be marriages and affairs," predicting the impact of the pay cuts at PDT.

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