my excellent adventure


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Nov 29, 2001
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here's a flying story:

my company's other pilot needed money and asked to take a couple of my flying days, so I had a few days off.

my plan was to catch a 2 PM LIAT flight from san juan to st martin and catch a DHL Caravan the next morning going south to all the islands between st martin and south america.

the pilot of the LIAT flight is the niece of the founder of LIAT and she's not prone to give free rides out of san juan (as per FAA rule), so i walked past her plane and got on another LIAT flight and wound up in antigua. i stayed in a mosquito infested hotel in town. the west indian women are the best. A BA 777 had been stuck in some new concrete there at antigua airport!

i was walking to my LIAT flight (back to san juan) the next morning when i spotted the southbound DHL Caravan! I hopped in the DHL and we went to guadeloupe, dominica, marinique, and st lucia. i didn't want to pay for a hotel and return flight from st lucia and was getting desperate when i ran into a weekly SKYWAYS shorts cargo flight that gave me a seat. we went to st vincent and grenada before going back to san juan.

on approach to st vincent i was sweating a possible go around because of the ridge on the upwind side. on the flightline there i found an AMERIJET freight label blowing around on the ground and remembered someone here saying they bring a 727 in there! i don't know how they make the downwind takeoff (the only option) - (they then make it to miami from there?!?!)

that was my excellent adventure. if anyone's interested, the DHL Caravan leaves st martin about 8 AM.