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my bogus grounding by FBI check

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
Que pasa from san juan?

Five years ago I was convicted of possession of stolen property (worth $250).

This morning San juan security impounded my i.d. and I'm grounded until I get the police report forwarded from California.

The FBI report didn't mention if my crime was a misdemeanor or felony. It seems harsh to me to ground someone for possessing a $250 stolen property five years ago.

Does it matter if my conviction was a misdemeanor and not a felony ?

Thanks in advance.
According to the list of disqualifying crimes I have seen it does. Felony possession of stolen property is disqualifying.
I saw the list too and possession of stolen property was on it.

My conviction was for a misdemeanor ($250 value), but the FBI report that SJU security got doesn't specify misdemeanor or felony, so they don't know if I had a stolen Porsche or a pair of tennis shoes. Meanwhile, I'm guilty until proven innocent (of a felony).

I'm not meaning to sound too unsympathetic, but blaming the FBI for your grounding is a non-starter; and you're not being treated as guilty until proven inocent. It's just one of the consequences you failed to forsee five years ago. It happens to all of us.

You should be thankful that "tact police" didn't ever come after you for shamelessly hawking that book of your's on all the web boards.:D
It depends on the State Statute... If it is a felony then you career is over for another 5 years (121).

If it was your FIRST offense, it may have been pleaded down to a misdemeanor, if it was a lower class felony.

You would know the answer to this better than anyone.

The only thing I do not like about this is that our companies now can penalize us if we forgot to add something when we were hired. Something 5 years ago that was never on the orginal list can now be held against us.

I looked at that list too.. I do not personally agree with most of "new" additions.
How did you come to posess stolen property? Did you buy a car stereo off of a thief? or did you actually steal something? I can't believe I'm the first one to ask this question. FAR's even say somthing about moral character for ATP's... Not knowing the circumstances, I'm not going to pass judgement, but it couls be that SJU is totally correct in this matter...
thanks for the statute info - mine was a first offense.

(Airport security doesn't take into consideration that I've taken cash receipts for years from passengers and not taken a dime).

There were extenuating circumstances. Five years ago I was living on a boat in a shady waterfront scene in Sausalito, Calif. Two deputies asked to come on board my boat, and, stupidly, I agreed.

I've been flamed more than enough for hawking my non profit book ten months ago. My outstation where I sit for ten hours a day is a five square mile half deserted island. I've got nothing to do but write; either in my book or on the internet. Art is art.
I needed to fall asleep last night, so I read the entire document regarding the new changes that caught JSOCEANLORD.

JS... according to the document, a police report will not suffice. It has to be a certified copy from the clerk of the court in which you were convicted. You also have (according to the document) to notify the Airport Authority in writing that you intend to challenge the FBI CHRC and must do so within 30 days. Lastly, the FAA rules also allow you to have a copy of the FBI CHRC.
If you do not provide the documentation showing a dispostion of something other than a felony and you do not initiate the challenge within 30 days the revokation (sp?) of your unescorted security clearance stands.

The only other sugesstions is to notify your MEC, contract administrator and ALPA of your situation. I am not sure why ALPA is stating this as I do not think they can help you, but I guess it is to find out the impact it will present to the pilot work force.

Regardless, I hope all works out for you and you will be back flying in a short period of time.

BTW the document is a strange read... it seems all of this was already on the books, it just needed an event to make it happen. Also, it is open ended, hence they can add to it at will... This will be very interesting over then next year or so until everyone get's through the system.
Anyone know if you can download this document from the FAA or somewhere else and what is the name of it? Thanks.

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