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MVP Flight School

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They are based in Conroe, Texas (CXO) and at Weiser Airport in Houston (EYQ). Maintenance is sub-par and the flight instructors are 90% foreign. If you need any detailed info, PM me. I fly out of CXO.
I too fly in Houston and had a friend who instructed for MVP a few years back when they were only at Weiser. They are a mom & pop flight school which has done fairly well over the years. What you see is what you get. Can't say anything about the maintenance because I haven't flown their aircraft that much. I would rent their aircraft but I would check the school out before I do any flight training there. It depends on what you are looking for.
I worked there and I would never go back, as is the sentiment of almost all the instructors that have worked there. The owners try to get away with shoddy mx work...the FAA has grounded there planes numerous times. From what I heard, the owners tried to force the instructors to fly in grounded airplanes. As for training, they go by the plans of the owner....which is really just for milking the students.
Stay away

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