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Does that flightcom one allow you to have both your headset plugged in as well as a phone or cd player like the sportys one? It seems like the flightcom one will allow you to plug in a cd player but you have to unplug part of your headset (ie it says its a 3.5 mm plug at each end)

I have the bose and would sure like to find out how to allow a cd player to plug into the headset without interrupting the headsets normal capabilities.
All you have to do is go to your local avionics shop and buy a standard aviation MIC jack. Take it home and splice it into an old headphone cord (in lieu of the headphones) and viola.... plug the headphone jack into your MP3, walkman, iPod, etc and the MIC into your Cockpit Jumpseat AudioPanel (with the interphone hot-mic on) and you are now ready for tunes (without any cut-out during radio transmissions)... I've been told that an electric guitar jack works as well....