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Murray Aviation DC8s?

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General Lee

Well-known member
Aug 24, 2002
I recently saw a Murray Aviation DC-8. I thought they mainly had Casa's and Saabs? When did they get those and where do they fly? I think it is on demand, and maybe they are being used a lot for Xmas lift. Do the Saabs fly mostly corporate shuttles?

Bye Bye--General Lee
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A buddy of mine fly's as an FO on the -8's. He was out in SLC this past week doing UPS runs. They had two of the three? i think out there. The other one was back in YIP on stand-by i think for an automotive company.
I think I saw one at YIP a few weeks back - a beautiful white DC-8. Beyond the mail runs for UPS and the regular auto-part deliveries between factories, where else do they fly? Do they do much international work?

The DC-8 is one aircraft I have always wanted to fly...
I remember seeing a job posting several months ago for Murray Air. They were hiring -8 crews to be based in SEA for a China contract. Never heard any more about that, though.
The DC-8 is one aircraft I have always wanted to fly...[/quote]

ATI is going to be hiring in the next couple of months. They supposedly have gotten a couple of new contracts.
Yeah, Murray Air has one Saab 340 and a couple of Jetstream 32's for the Chrysler corporate shuttle doing mostly PTK/RFD/OKK/CYYZ stuff. The DC-8's are Murray Aviation, one of my buddies is just finishing IOE on 'em. Two certificates, one company outta YIP.
We have 3 DC-8's at Murray Air, two 63's and one 71. They fly mainly in support of the automotive industry in North America. During the Christmas season UPS keeps us busy domestically. International trips do come up from time to time, but lately are scarce. They have been working on some international contracts, but it's tough to compete in a widebody market with narrowbody aircraft. We've had the 8's for a few years now, they used to be on a 125 certificate, but now are all part 121. We also have two Casas, two Jetstreams, and one Saab.

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