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Multi time building

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
A friend of mine just baught a Seneca II Turbo and its available for time building. The aircraft is really clean and has less than 2700TT. Its equipped with IFR GPS, RNAV, Bendix Radios, WX Radar etc.... the block is available for $140/hr and you can share it for half the price. and thats really cheap. Also if you need any multi engine ratings we have guranteed courses that will give as much flying time as need to get your rating. This plane is also great to keep your currency. contact me at [email protected] for furter info.

What part of the country are you in? I've got a kid locally who wants to do his multi rating, and some flying. He might be interested.
Better hurry up and take advantage of it now, because when the owner gets his first bill replacing either a turbocharger, cylinders or even an entire engine, chances are the joy ride will be over.
Pulling engines while training on a turbocharged airplane has been done before, but it can get very costly.
Generally speaking that's probably true, but I've trained individuals in turbocharged and supercharged airplane without incident. How one goes about it makes the difference.
I always hear time building pilots talking about flying with a buddy and splitting the cost. I've always been curious about how this works. I mean - only one person can log time at any given moment (assumming neither is an MEI) - right? So you're still paying the same cost per given unit of loggable time.

I suppose one guy can put a hood on and the other can act as a safety pilot - but why would the saftey pilot pay anything for the plane? I never expect my safety pilots to pay a dime. Hmmmm....

Am I missing a loophole in the FAR's or something regarding logging of time?

You're pretty much correct. It's not uncommon for 2 pilots to buy blocks of ME time and split time under the hood and being safety pilot. Both can then log PIC time. 'Course you're right -- the safety pilot is just buying time sitting in the right seat and it's debatable whether they're adding to their piloting skills, but that's another matter.

Not only can two pilots log time at the same time, but two pilots may log pilot-in-command time at the same time. Effectively, the cost is cut in two. The pilots swap off using a view limiting device and acting as safety pilot.

The safety pilot may log pilot-in-command time for all flight time spent ating as PIC of an aircraft requiring more than one crewmember, as given in 14 CFR 61.51(e)(1)(iii). In order to do this he or she must be designated the pilot in command of the flight, and must assume the responsibility for the safe outcome and conduct of the flight. More than one crewmember is required due to 91.109(b)(1).

The pilot manipulating the controls, who is wearing the view limiting device (the "hood") may log the time in accordance with 61.51(e)(1)(i), as sole manipulator of the controls.

No requirement or reason exists for either pilot to hold a flight instructor certificate.

If you think about it, any time an aircraft is operated with more than one required crewmember, both crewmembers are logging the time.
Wow - I didn't know I could log safety pilot time as PIC. Learn something new everyday!

Bear in mind that unless you have agreed to be pilot in command, the time may only be logged as SIC, or not at all. In order to log PIC time as safety pilot, you must BE the pilot in command.
We're located here in southern California in John Wayne airport. Contact me about prices or to book some time on the aircraft.

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