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Nov 26, 2001
This company out of Festus MO (South of STL) is advertising on Climbto350. Web site doesn't have anything but the home page. Anyone know any details?



Avoid like the plague!!!! Worked there for 1.5 years and that was 1.499 to long. I hear they are in financial troubles and laying pilots off. pm if U want more details.... shafted
Yeah, I worked there while Shafted was there. It's a bad deal that's best left alone.

I think the feds looked at us twice in the 1.5 years I was there. Just glad to get away from them.

Make that thrice!

As my two friends said above, run away! Run far, far away! I recently left there after 4 1/2 years. They were having money problems when I left, and It's not a very pilot-friendly environment to work.

It will never, ever be bad enough that anyone needs to work there.

And the turbine they speak of (lear 24) has been sitting in the exact same spot in the hangar since march 4th., so don't buy that. They're frantically trying to sell it.

The only stable thing there is that the family is constantly pi$$ing and moaning at each other, and they're hemmorhaging cash.
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