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Mt. St. Helens

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Jun 3, 2006
SEA Center just confirmed the backyard volcano is spewing again!

Happy Dispatching!
However when you view the web cam it looks like the winds blowing through the crater whipping up VA dust. Hmmmmm

Check it out: Mt. St. Helens web cam
Yeah, SEA Center called us. (I answered the phone.) He said that based on pireps the volcano was errupting again.

We got to searching and asked some of our own pilots and they said there was nothing. One would think our crews would be the first to notice as they pass right by it hundreds of times a day.

Maybe at FL300 the VA dust LOOKS like an eruption?

The USGS also reported no seismic activity so I guess they were just being pro active.
Deleted... Guess the TFR over it is gone... I dont see it on TFR List...
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