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MSP Twin Cities Flight Department Volunteer Inquiry

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I fLy pLaNeS

Living an Honest Life
Nov 16, 2003
Folks, at the Flying Cloud airport we have an Aviation Exploring program for youth which is a hands-on, co-ed career education program for students ages 14-20 to learn about aviation and aviation careers. This is similar to fire and police explorers if you're familiar with those programs.

I'd like to arrange for a tour of a major corporate flight department in the Twin Cities area this spring for the kids to see some jets. Also if possible, we'd like to have a guest speaker come to one of our meetings to discuss corporate aviation and careers. This could be combined possibly into a tour/corporate career presentation at your hangar which would be best case scenario.

If you and your flight department would be interested or have done similar in the past, please PM me! I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks :)
Can't help you with the tours, but this brings back great memories from high school. I was in the Aviation Explorers at FCM back around '92-'94.

At the time Capt. L.F. of Republic/NWA/Delta was running our group. He did a great job of introducing us to various careers including airline, GA, maintenance and ATC. I remember doing the Checkerboard approach in to Hong Kong in the A320 sim. Another highlight was visiting MSP center in Farmington (do they even allow that anymore?)

Overall it was a great experience for me as a teenager.
New school year! Would anyone like to give a low-key tour for some high school students and discuss corporate aviation careers? Anybody even know anybody?

Target, General Mills, Cargill, 3M, UnitedHealth, Best Buy, etc. If someone is interested, please PM me!

Thanks! :)
Why don't you just walk in and introduce yourself to the flight department(s) and ask? IMO, a pilot sharing aviation is much different than some Joe or Jane walking in off the street (unless Jane is super hot... I am a man ya know...) Be prepared to leave behind a one sheet. I can't imagine responding to someone on a message board and inviting them into my work place. I know of an entity that does this a couple of times a year. Kids enjoy it but I think the parents/chaperone's even more. Good luck.
I agree Sans. I didn't consider walking up to nondescript hangars without an appointment a real option though. Do you have any advice for how to obtain at least a telephone number so I'm not showing up as an unannounced visitor to a vacant hangar?

I understand your point about a message board--which is why I asked for folks interested to PM me. Of course I'll provide more information and chat over the phone, etc. I thought it reasonable that those viewing a corporate message board might lead me to a contact.

Thanks for the advice!
If you have access/the door is unlocked, just drop in. If you don't have access to the hanger/office on the field, you may want to stop by their corporate office in town. If possible introduce yourself to an executive secretary if you don't have better access and drop off a one sheet with a personal note. I can't imagine an Aviation Exploring program that does not have someone involved who could make a phone call/introduction on your behalf. Don't forget to ask whoever you make contact with how best to follow up. You don't want to be a pest, but depending on the day/time you make contact, you may end up at the bottom of the list even if they can help you. Good luck.
Or you can volunteer to buy beer for anyone with NBAA member directory access that can get you the contact info for these departments.

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